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It's not WHO you did at Rivington School, it's WHAT you did. WORS: Women Of Rivington School is to honor the women who contributed painting, sculpting, photography, and performance at to this now-famous art movement. There was a fair amount of "hanging out," rampant drug use, and a whole lotta fucking going on. However WORS is dedicated to the women who actually made and displayed their art at the few small galleries, and Sculpture Gardens in the Lower East Side of NYC from 1983 to present.


So chicks who did drugs and fucked the MORS: Men Of Rivington School, but produced little to no art work, are not part of this group. To be a member of RS, whether male or female, you would have had to have shown work at NADA Gallery, No Se No, Freddie The Dreamer Gallery, Fusion Arts Gallery, Mars Bar and Sculpture Gardens during those crucial years from 1983-89.

The Galleries are all gone now,and the Sculpture gardens went the way of the dinosaurs. The Sculpture Gardens were all removed from the abandoned lots in the Nineties. Rivington School was a macho, Boomer male art scene, however there were a few women who stood out, with outstanding art. WORS is dedicated to honoring and showcasing these women artists and their art.

Read an excerpt from "Rivington School : 80s New York Underground"

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